Ancient Alien Scoutship 0.2.4

You find an Ancient Alien Scoutship full of impact craters and chunks of ice drifting in space. Contrary to popular belief this is not the Alien Scoutship that you may take control of and begin galatic domination with.

Recommendation:A strong away team with a skilled doctor and at least several veteran security officers with extensive cybernetic modifications and good weapons and armor.Edit


The entire place is filled with robots that would like nothing more than to blast your awayteam into dust. It is also filled with traps, it would be wise to shoot down the hallways and corridors to destroy the sensors for the traps. The robots will spawn forever unless you destroy the three computers that manufacture them. The computers are located on the left, middle, and right sections of the ship. Leaving these computers running will quickly have you swarmed by robots.

Destroying the computers also yields an alien artefact that your science officer must identify.

The alien spaceship will have 4 cryo pods, two weapons turrets, and a level 6 sensor suite.

At least one weapon turret will have a Disintegrator space cannon, if you're very lucky, the ship may have two.