Arr, matey, ye be wanting to hear about the asteroid bases? Ah, the spot me old pirate buddies picked out was a sweet one. Just off the shipping lanes, buried among some high-iron asteroids... 'twas a bushwhacker's dream. Mind you, after a while, they moved the shipping lanes, but it was still a good spot, even if the "commute" got a little longer. 'Course, since I retired, I haven't really kept up with the place. I suppose my old crewmates are still roving the old tunnels, if they haven't gotten out of the game. Or maybe some mutant space crystals moved in. It happens more than you'd think; I even heard of a nice base that got taken over by invisible beasties. Never saw 'em myself, of course (heh heh), but me old first mate swore blind that the fella he heard it from was most trustworthy, and in turn he'd heard it from a most honest explorer, who personally read the ship's logs in a completely empty, drifting ship. Who can say?