My science officer was actually quite looking forward to land here.

He continued babbling about how it would be impossible for something like this to form naturally. A perfect sphere of rock. No craters, no ridges, no gullys, not even cracks. To me "boring" sounded not very profitable, but stretching your legs a little, and at least it didn't sound very deadly. I thought I could book it as R&R

After leaving the spaceship I soon realized I was wrong. Standing on this barren surface is the most depressing thing you can imagine. There is just nothing for your eyes to do. It grabbed my team quickly. All you heard in the helmet comm system was breathing. Even our SO soon stopped taking probes and doing whatever it is he does.

We soon left.

Something is wrong with that place. I just can't tell you what it is. Our SO hasn't got a clue either. "This rock just yells at you", he said, rather unscientific, "It yells: "I am not supposed to be. Yet I am. And you better leave, or I might tell you why I am." And I have the feeling, I really don't want to know."

I personally am convinced: Next R&R we spend in Murchesons Ditch.