You want me to tell you about my world? Let me tell you about my world, or our world! We are hard working farmers. Yes we are! The soil is prefect on this piece of rock! But its hard work nontheless. We could nourish empires! If it wasn't for those damn Burrowers! A species of insects native to this place. Huge, ugly, hungry. They like to lay waiting in the ground. If anything comes near: Dinner time. See Mark over there? See his legs too? sure you don't. Got close to one of them burrowers while working the fields. Lucky him, a hunter was close by. There is a price of 25 Cr. on a burrowers head. So if you find one out there. Shoot it dead, and bring it to the town hall. If you get one of the big ones in the caves, the planets council might even add a bonus on top of that.