The trees are alive with the sound of music! No, really, they make a wonderful chorus. And pretty good science officers, too.

The renowned ships doctor Ted Rofes is said to have spent quite some time on the planet, after his ship crash landed. While waiting for his rescue he started to explore a cave, but stopped his effort, when he found a defense robot, and barely escaped with his life!

A later expedition into the cave system under the planet reported finding an underground bunker, swarmint with still working security robots. They also found a computer detailing experiments in bioengineering. Unfortunately their ship was lost while returning to the nearest spacestation, operated by Omega Bioengineering to sell their data.

It is possible to find two cryo chambers in the second level guarded by 3 robots.

R197. You can chat with the trees and hire them as science officers. no wage no retire.

"A world with intelligent trees" is the description on the retirement screen.