Untold eons ago, there was a thriving alien species in this sector of space. Much as you do, they required fuel for their reactors. They may once have had space stations like the ones you dock on, but if they still exist, they are too small to find in the depths of space. However, their gas-giant refineries are still somewhat functional---at the very least, the tanks holding refined starship fuel have not yet leaked.Each refueling platform holds at least one storage tank; when you walk onto it, you will have the option to refuel your ship. If you're a little unlucky, there will be a bug in the map such that you can't walk from the designated landing platform to the tank, due to walls being in the way. If this happens, you can choose not to use the designated landing pad, and you'll end up somewhere random on the platform (which hopefully has a path from you to the tank).Unfortunately, the laser traps and the occassional robot left for uninvited guests are still quite functional, and those selfsame traps have sometimes been ineffective in keeping the alien denizens of the gas giants from wandering the platform at will. Both semi-sentient clouds and cloudsharks have been found wandering these not-quite-so-lonely-as-you'd-like platforms.The pirate king will pay 1000 credits for the location of each refueling platform you find.