Welcome, traveler, to our world! I hope you find the exploration of this planet interesting, much like those other fellows about 1300 cycles ago. I recall they were much like you, and I still find your shape silly---I know, I know, you people with your four limbs have some rather nice balance, but isn't it easier to get around when you have fifty legs, like those centipedes you keep on your home planet? Ah, well. You can easily see our temple from here, though I can never remember if it's inhabited with random monsters and traps, or just boring. Monsters and traps are rather boring, anyway, so it's rather hard to tell. That cave near the temple? It's a cave, of course! And possibly relates to the secret that I refuse to tell you. Yes, secret. Definitely not telling you. And I should be rather good at keeping secrets, I've been doing it for over 2400 years! But it's quite a good secret, and I rather enjoy keeping it. Which reminds me.... should you happen to find the secret, and if the secret happens to be portable, and if you decide to take it with you, my entire species is going to be rather cross with you, even if said portable secret might be valuable to your civilization's greedy corporations and pirate kings. Just saying. Assuming any of that was true. Which it probably wasn't, so don't worry your pretty little head about it. Enjoy your time here, Earthling.