If you want to have a good time, this is the place to be! It's what goes for entertainment capital in such a backwater place as this sector. You might even meet tourists here! You can tell them by saying "on Murchesons Ditch". Every regular knows that it's "'in' Murchesons Ditch".


An orbital view of the generous parking opportunities in the Ditch


In 2 underground level, under a marveolous, cratered, airless surface, The Ditch offers everything in entertainment a spacestation has to offer, and some more.

Level 1Edit

At every corner is a Casino, or a Bar. There is also a hospital, should you require their services after too many bar visits.

The Main attraction is found nowhere else in this Sector however (and illegal in the more civilized parts of the galaxy):

The ArenaEdit

Here brave Captains and their crews can battle some alien nasty from a distant world. It's fun to watch, and profitable to participate.

Level 2Edit


The ageold animal-cruelty debate: Poor primates or poor arachnids?

On level 2 of the Ditch you find a Zoo, where the creatures that are unfit for Arena performance can be observed in naturallike holographic habitats. Here you can also sell caught critters. If you got something nasty, that can put up a good fight you can make a good handfull of credits.