Reasons to brave the Planet MonsterEdit

  1. There's a battleship down there. And maybe one or two other 4th tier ships.
  2. If you defeat it, the message upon scanning it again is quite rewarding.

Reasons not to brave the Planet MonsterEdit

  1. There's an episode of Mythbusters on
  2. You forgot to water your petunias
  3. It's Tuesday
  4. Your doctor told you not to
  5. You would have, really, but you stubbed your toe, and it hurts
  6. Your horoscope was bad for today
  7. Your dentist told you not to
  8. The sun got in your eyes
  9. You've just gotten to the good part in your book
  10. Your neighbor told you not to
  11. You left your blaster in your other pants
  12. They're finally letting the T-Rex fight in Murcheson's Ditch
  13. Your dog told you not to
  14. You just made yourself a nice mutton-lettuce-tomato sandwich, and if you dash off now, it'll taste icky later.
  15. Look, an obvious distraction!
  16. The voices in your head told you not to.
  17. Starbucks has run out of coffee
  18. You don’t think you can handle success
  19. You don’t think you can handle failure
  20. The man on the television told you not to.
  21. Want to save electricity.
  22. Your chair isn't comfortable enough.
  23. It's too cold.
  24. It's too hot.
  25. Your back hurts.
  26. It's Friday.
  27. Familty pet is in the room.
  28. Family is in the room.
  29. The car is dirty.
  30. Because he's dead Jim.
  31. Too thirsty to do anything.
  32. Ah, meditation time already?
  33. It's probably not going to work.
  34. Your pilot has a bad case of crashing.
  35. You have to floss your cat.
  36. The President said he might drop in.
  37. It's your parakeets bowling night.
  38. You need to work on your cottage cheese sculptures.
  39. Too young to die.
  40. You have to check the freshness dates on your dairy products.
  41. Your subconcious told you not to.
  42. You left your body in your other clothes.
  43. The socks you are wearing don't match.
  44. You feel a song coming on.
  45. A group meeting is on.
  46. Look, it's just plain nasty down there, and the only options are victory or death. You can't flee (and take that shiny battleship with you) until you are victorious. There's some big blob things (and they're nasty in their own right), and they breed little flying blobby things! Make sure everyone has at least a little armor, because you're going to get swarmed by little bitty blobby bats!
  • Your sole reprieve: at least nothing down there has ranged weapons.