Pirate activity in the SectorEdit

Space pirates have been harassing shipping lanes in the sector. Very little is known about them except that they rarely take prisoners.

Pirate ShipsEdit

They seem to have access to 4 ship classes:

  • Fighters
  • Cruisers
  • Destroyers
  • Battleships

Notable Pirate ShipsEdit

Despite the general lack of information on the local pirates, some of their ships have become known by Name:

  • The Adder
  • The Viper
  • The Black Widow

The Anne BonnyEdit

Even with a 4th tier ship the Anne Bonny can make swiss cheese out of you with her long range weapons and extremly durable hull. She is the flagship of a pirate captain who you may challenge to a duel to claim his villa.

When you challenge a pirate lord to a duel you will be instantly transported to space combat, the pirate lord himself will be quite a ways away from you and will start making his way towards your ship. The easiet way to take out the pirate lord (And the one more befitting a cunning lord) is to lay several mark 2 mines in his path, two should do it, after he runs into the mines unload all your weapons on him and the fight should be fairly easy not to mention short.